Tantalize Your Tastebuds @Arbor

So the story began with the usual office rants of where to waste your hard earned money on a so called TGIF which is actually just another day at work, followed by another day at work which is globally known as SATURDAY [A WEEKEND].

Well, well after putting the options on the table the majority won and we ended up at @ ARBOR Cafe & Patisserie, Khayaban-e-Bukhari, Karachi. Entering from a huge vintage blue door, the ambiance suits the fine dining cuisine which falls in the category of a contemporary upscale cafe and bakery.

With a mutual discussion, four separate full course meals were ordered considering the fact that we are not millionaires and have a lot of other priorities in life including shopping from 50% off at Claire, Accessorize and much more in the list. Finally, the most awaited moment when the food was served, fiery chicken, pasta, fish and steak [not using particular names from the menu as I can’t recall :P]


The sitting area was so peaceful and the interior is done perfectly with the right choice of abstract art on the walls, wooden textured bars for separation and a very luxurious restroom as per the explanation was given by one of the little missy in my team [ At least something worthy of spending time and money Ha Ha]

18471520_10209220050553834_23750121_n.jpgSince we all are a foodie or rightly said extremely foodie, we ate the food without a pause…the quality was fair and the quantity needs to be improved if the quality assurance department can work on finding out an average portion of the meal for a lady [ Just an opinion]. Dropping the idea of having dessert from the same place after calculating the per head we spent for not an up to the mark food and still space in our bellies we left with hopes to resume the remaining Friday and looking forward towards WEEK-END!

P.S. The selfies were unlimited since the moments we captured were the only valid reasons of spending time & money @ Arbors!

P.C. Aisha Ejaz

Disclaimer: This blog is written on the basis of a personal opinion of the writer none of the posts is paid or marketing content! 🙂


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