A Never Ending Road Trip to Sharah-e-Faisal

The story began with 3 woman ages between 22-31 planned to visit a client as a routine and part of their jobs to get a brief for an upcoming event to be organized and managed by the agency. On a fine sunny day when the temperature was not more than 34 degrees, the ladies took their last sip of Green tea and left the peaceful office cubicle which was only 16-degree cool since those are termed as the last digits on the AC remote. Not aware of the scavenger hunt waiting for them on the busy roads of Karachi in scorching sunbeams they moved forward towards the parking with fully hydrated bodies to dehydrate and cope up with the anomalies of life.


Moving on towards Shara-e-Faisal a never ending road, a maze, the last stage of the clash of titans or more appropriately said candy crush which leaves you frustrated but never allows you to see the destination. The ladies went a bit off the track following the smartest Google Map App and entered into the maze of Saddar, for those who are not aware of Saddar in Karachi or never been to this place are the most blessed souls on earth. One of the ladies on the driving seat accepted the challenge and proved all the stereotypes wrong by driving in Saddar like a wonder woman and finding a way out after an hour of struggle and constant wrong guidance by the Pakistani bros!

Reaching at the meeting 1 and a half hour late [which is considered as a sin in our industry but for agencies only] the ladies managed to catch a glimpse of an elderly aged uncle who was furious after waiting for so long and directed her coordinator to be nice with the agency people and brief them slightly, he also commanded us to schedule another meeting for this mega event of the century [sarcastic and evil grin :S]

Spending 20 precious minutes chatting with the coordinator who joined the brand hardly 2 weeks ago and was too young and fascinated by the ladies fighting against mid-life, mid age, mid-career and a lot of other blah blah blah crises which now includes the terrible traffic [more precisely said terrific traffic of Karachi] the ladies left the office with the hope to go back to work which was hardly 15 minutes away.

Not knowing what was written in their fate these ladies from the Agency felt that their mission was accomplished to at least get the brief which can help them to prepare the contact report and save them from the frequently used agency phrase ‘ tum sab bhund ho’ [ translation: you all are blunderers] they were enjoying a smooth ride with laughs and giggles until they realized that they forgot to take the only U-Turn and moving towards a never-ending road which ends at airport, yes you read it right 😥 . It feels like traveling from the North Pole to the South Pole and that even in one day. Passing by a lot of buildings, places, streets, people in a bumper-to-bumper stuck traffic and a struggle, screams, cries, cursed phrases, bad words and not to forget a sad selfie, a Facebook status to attain attention and sympathies at the same time and spending an hour the ladies managed to reach the opposite side of the road.

Stopping by to a petrol pump with super-mart was like finding an island surrounded by deep sea. Getting the dehydrated petrol tank and bellies filled with petrol and water and munching on with Lays, Kurkure and Super Crisps with some icy Nestle Fruita Vitals there was a ray of hope once again to reach the destination.

A sense of achievement, a lesson, pity on the kind of life, thoughts and mumbling in head to face the rest of the workforce and their questions as if we were not stuck in traffic but enjoying a corn and cool breeze sitting by roadside watching to and fro tides we got back to work, parked the car, geared up to face the world and laughed out loudly on the memorable & never-ending road trip to Shara-e-Faisal which can be adapted to be made a part of a short film in the genre of Drama, Action, Thrill with a little Suspense [ I bet the kind of adventure & drama was faced, it’s going to win an Oscar]!

The sufferers:
A Group Account Manager [The writer]
A Business manager            [Victim on the driving seat]
An Intern                               [Cursed her life zillion times]

This is a true story written to express the feelings so the words became rebellion and broke the barriers to jump out from the writer’s pen since those thoughts and words couldn’t come out of her mouth 😛


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