The Journey Of Smartphones In My Life!

The journey of Smartphones in my life is more interesting than the journey of smart men [wink wink 😉 ] I would like to tell this tale starting from the Dad of cell phones ‘NOKIA 3310’ the most THOR type phone in the entire history of phonekind [spontaneously slipped off the pen, a randomly created term as per the topic] and mankind using this device. back in 2000’s when we were too young to be introduced to technology except for those big desktop computers with a Teeen Teeeen Internet sound of connecting to the internet via PTCLs exceptionally fast 1 MB speed was enough to impress our friends.

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Resuming the phone tale, the first ever cell phone I hold in my hands was NOKIA 3310, the feeling was amazing with limited options of SMS, Receiving call and playing snake zania in the spare time. It was not actually a Smartphone but a simple feature phone. Too heavy to hold and near to impossible to be broken even if I intentionally threw it on the ground.

The next phone I got after a year or so of using DAD of cell phones, this handy gadget was hardly the size of my palm with melodious ringtones and a colorful screen. It was Samsung C2. [Thumbs Up, to my memory man!].

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“Everyone knows, or should know, that everything we type on our computers or say into our cell phones is being disseminated throughout the datasphere. And most of it is recorded and parsed by big data servers. Why do you think Gmail and Facebook are free? You think they’re corporate gifts? We pay with our data”. Douglas Rushkoff

Using C2 for another year made me realize the fact that cell-phone should have a long lasting battery than too many colors and fancy looks, which ultimately made me buy NOKIA 1110. Coming back to the NOKIA family from Samsung was feeling like coming back to home. Back to the basics actually!

Years passed like minutes and seconds and finally, I graduated in, TWENTY TEN WHOA! I was young and ambitious, and a passion for changing the world, [at least, my own small world of perfect situations]. Money makes you rich and poor at the same time, earning on your own helps you in making life’s important decisions on your own, and buying a cell phone is one of those. It makes you rich if you take the belongings you buy as an asset and it makes you equally poor if you count the bucks spent over the years on very same gadgets, clothes, shoes, bags and the list is never ending.

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“Mobile phones are one of the most insecure devices that were ever available, so they’re very easy to trace; they’re very easy to tap”. Evgeny Morozov

In the past 8 years, since I started working and earning on my own, I have bought, damaged and lost[by being mugged] at least 7-8 Smartphones. From Nokia Asha, Rivo Phantom[ Endorsed by Saif Ali Khan ;)], QMobile Noir E8, A10, Iphone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S5 and finally ended up using Samsung J7 which is unpredictable to say and claim that how long it will last in my hands and accompany me through the thick and thin [selfie and moments] of life!

So far during the journey of Smartphones the best experience is with the basic cell phone which was not smart enough to facilitate us with our official emails, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn just to name a few but allowed us to spare time for friends, family, books, Television, Hang Outs and a sound sleep. The ting ting, beep beep, buzz buzz and lot more fascinating ringtones became an essential part of our life and dragged us in a cyber world of technology which is leading us towards paroxysm and isolating us from the peace and silence of our lives before the cell phone era.

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No matter how hazardous the affects are? Or how much we curse technology it is still the first thing we keep in our bags and hold in our hands while leaving home, it’s not a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity mate! You can hate it, love it, break it, compare it, share it, replace it, accept it, reject it, repair it, appreciate it, value it, gift it or win it but you cannot live without it. WHY? Because it’s not only my Smartphone, it’s my alarm, my inbox, my instant messenger, my selfie partner, my videographer, my photographer, my food orderer, my beauty partner, my entertainer, my social networker and last but not the least my dietician too 😛


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