Orange Is The New Black @ Ranoush Villa

Not to defame or demean a place which is located at the center of the city, on a busy street of Clifton opposite to always overcrowded Shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi, the Ranoush Villa Restaurant should be your least preferred place to go.  Friyayys [Fridays] is usually termed as a weekend in the corporate world and a day when you get 2 whole hours, 120 minutes, 7200 seconds and I don’t know how many nanoseconds as per the calculation by the employer. The two hours gives you the freedom to offer your Jumma Prayers and explore the new and interesting places within a 1-2 Kms distance of your workplace so you can rush back easily without getting late.

Ranoush Villa

Ranoush Villa, a fine dining restaurant with an all-inclusive cuisine ranging from American Steaks & Burgers to Arabic Food as mentioned in the description of the Facebook page which we mistakenly ran through before checking-in and ruining our lunch. Since it is the closest proximity to my workplace I along with two of my friends ended up at this place assuming it to be a new fine dining arena in the city center, after an exhaustive Google search, reading reviews on Facebook food groups, asking friends for suggestion and visiting the Chaiwala near Szabist which was on our priority list and unfortunately found to be closed due to the prayer break. As I stepped in to the restaurant entrance a quick sense of familiarity of the passage and the garden crossed my mind, friends still in the denial state considering it to be a new fine dining place to check-in and impress the fans and followers ;P chose to sit at the first floor after realizing that the ground floor which was comparatively a better area to sit was open for Sheesha but one of my lovely ladies couldn’t bear the aroma so the on;y choice was to move upstairs.

Climbing the stairs to reach first floor the intense sense of familiarity with the ambiance was simply impossible to deny, been there a number of times and having been served at the same tables it was not very difficult to realize that I was sitting at a restaurant which was known and visited by almost half of the Karachiites, yes I was at Arizona Grill – Clifton which was only renamed to be Ranoush Villa keeping everything else constant. With the sheer sense of disappointment and remembering the visits when I have been there with friends and family and took a number of pictures at various locations since even the interior was not bothered to be changed the three of us accepted the fact that we have got an old candy with a new packaging.


I remember recalling the last visit on our Boss’s birthday when I criticized the huge mirrors on the roof which were inadequately placed and didn’t add value to the interior at all. The menu had several spelling mistakes identified by one of my Grammar Nazi friend [**ignord**]  and moved towards the order placement session, a very important decision even more important than the decision of buying an asset, after all it’s about treating your taste bud and treating it right is the ultimate goal!


Cursing the taste of music which clearly sound like the play list was chosen by someone in the staff who recently suffered a breakup and all those Tadap Tadap K Iss Dil Se ,  Lambi Judai and Doorie kind of track were of sheer annoyance and brought up the rage as if someone is going to die the very next moment, searching for a few hours of cherishing moments of joy and breath turned out to be a depressing and melancholic event, complaining several times and even asking them to off the music went all in vain, the playlist was rigidly instructed to be played or maybe they have days for broken hearts and souls to stop by and feel even more depressed :S

Discussing the menu more than ever discussing the Xerox in the sophomore years we ended up ordering a platter of prawns, Beef and Jalapeno Burger and A Red Burger [something which sounds weird and looked equally weird, though tasted well]. The prawns were served and were well-cooked, then came the Juicy Burgers and Fries, already waiting desperately for the food, we started having our meals, seconds before having the last bite of the Red Burger there was something crispier than the Beef Patty, Lettuce and Fries, a piece of plastic packaging on the cheese slice which was used in the Burger. Shouted, one of my friend, “Ohhh, No”, we suddenly put our cellphones on the table in the midst of the perfect selfie click and asked: What happened? And discovered a piece of plastic cover which was part of the Cheese slice packaging, Dah! Doubting each bite of the burger and the entire serving and recalling if it tasted sour, salty, rotten, and smelly or what not we called the waiter.

Showing the piece of plastic cover and discussing the case with the waiter which was later taken to the manager and resolved with a full waive on the Red Burger, we paid the remaining bill and left the restaurant giving a hopeless look to the ambiance, the food, the taste of music and the plastic cover which was an added ingredient to never recommend anyone or visit the place again. It is not because a small piece of plastic cover or a wrapper of the Cheese slice was found in the Burger which can be considered as a human error it was a considerable dismay which was caused knowing the fact that a fine dining place charges you a premium price which includes not only serving you quality food, but provide you lavish ambiance, ensures hygiene and a hospitable customer service. The reason we spend our hard earned bucks on these so called fine dining places in the city is to experience the opulence and magnificence out of our routine lives and cherry on the top we pay huge taxes on our bills ending up paying a lump sum of significant amount of money! Hell ya, we deserve it so we asked for it, however the restaurant staff didn’t offer the waive on food until we asked for it [Sobs]

Each passing event and moment leaves a positive or a negative impact on our lives leaving us with optimism or pessimism, and experiencing the good or the bad in each situation, it is though the perspective of how we see it, therefore we cherish the moments spend together and left the restaurant giggling with a few bucks saved on the Burger though we never expected it to be this way and returned to the hustle bustle, tring tring & beep beep of the Chaotic Life!


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